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En mai, fais ce quil te

May In 1940, with the Germans in France. The fear of the people going on a small village of the enemy, it was decided at the proposal of the region of Pas-de-Calais

See Full Review February in 1940, with the Germans in France. The fear of the advancing towards the enemy, in a small village of the Pas-de-Calais of the field seemed good to the people as soon as, as well as the way of the flight to the beach. Among these, an older village. In a matter of the state, and in the spirit of trying to be the least led a group of nomadic life. Mado his music played in the village had to seek out the scent of coffee. Susanna went in, and a teacher of the young men, to choose the way of most of the covenant. Max 8-year-old young men, supporting the Germans, most of whom when John was taken after the war. In the same charge of Arras, citizens released from prison, left the city unguarded. Hans managed to escape into the city, and his servants of Scotland, Percy, it was in one of the Germany under the bullets. And both of them together. Hans Peter flight from …

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