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Expeditions: Viking v1

Expeditions: Viking

Release Date: April 27, 2017

Styles / Tags: RPG, strategy, tactics, 3D turn-based

Developer: Logic artists

Publisher: Logic artists

Platform: PC

5 Single Engine

Steam User Rating: 95% of the comments are real users (based65 views)

interfaceLugha: English, German, Russian, Polish, French

Audio Languages: English English

Breaking: built (Codex)


Operating System: Windows 7 (64-bit!)

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 GHz


videoKartichka: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450

DirectX 10

HDD space 10 GB

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Get ready for adventure in history! Logic artists, designers expeditions: Winner, We are pleased to bring Extreme: Viking.

Appointed as the new head of the normal Viking clan will be yakoSuite village. But to carveyour name in the history runestones’ll have great power and great bogatstvoda villages growing success and reputation. there ostavenimalku to get from the Nordic countries, so you have to keep your eyes on the ocean in the West, where dithiWao talk about big island full of treasures that have already been taken.

ofValhalla scarls trusted to follow such order of the day, but you need more than loyalty to the legacy that will be remembered for a thousand years. Now gather a group of stahiliWapiganaji built boat and watch your fortune and glory nizmoreto. Britain waits in extreme Logic artists: Viking.


Makeown Viking chieftain! Carve your character unique features of our takwimuujuzi system, where you can define your characters role.

Import or business? Vikings were known not only as militant violence, but savvy tradesfolk. How do you know treasure, carrotstick?

War and politics: Check different categories Norsemen, Picts, or Angels.

Features: Remember your choice, the story of their actions can bring some fear, but would you believe?

Step into straniciteistorija In telling a good story and visceral Nordichistory.

features repack

According to the announcement ISO: (6958678016 bytes)

(GB) apply

100% full Lossless MD5: All files are identical to the original post-installation

No ripped, there is again encoded

Significantly smaller size of the archive (compressed complementary GB)

installationIt takes 3-8 minutes (depending on your system)

more instaliraproverkauadilifu, so you can be sure that everything is set up correctly

HDD space to install: 10 GB

majkamozhe to change game settings

At least 2 GB of free RAM is required (inc. Virtual) to install this repack

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