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Gang Telugu 2018

The Gang, Nihall, and Gary are three friends who meet their common background and work poorly for their dreams, achieving success in life. The band is desperately falling in love with Sanam, who only complains about it in their fantasies. Abdul, an orphan and a little time, is met by a trio and becomes friendly to them.
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They begin to commit a crime on their site and form a gang called “Gang”. Each member is an expression of a certain sense in the band. The gang acts as a sincere moderator who continues to struggle and seeks to stop members from leaving. Abdul is brave and ambitiousparty. He identified them in a very bad world and encouraged their intentions. Nihal is a mature, logical part of the group. While Gary is a greedy and stupid man who often falls into trouble because of his many failures. These people work with Don Magdal Lala. But the greed of Abdul and Jerry sees the relationshipwith yet another oppression Don Gryon Shanker, despite the heavy speech of the Gang. With a twist of fate, the gang is behind bars, and when it comes back, it will look for other gangs that are a little progressive. He expressed his disappointment that they had gone desperately, so he separated them. Those who liveby knife; dead by the sword, so the talks go. And the whole Gang is undergoing metamorphosis and is facing a highway.


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