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GeeMail is a Gmail project client, a Gmail client that provides easy access to a Gmail account, whether it’s an extended or offline account.

Requires Adobe Air (which also allows Mac and Linux to run it) and opens it as a simple window with a simple Gmail interface. When you log in for the first time, GeeMail may need time to download your inbox after viewing it. The advantage of having everything on your hard drive is the ability to download your own and writeOffline e-mail (immediately after logging in to the Internet).

There is absolutely one option in GeeMail that is embarrassing if your connections are not downloaded from the message, so you do not have access to offline mode. Although it looks like Gmail has been removed, it’s really great because Adobe Air is cool New applications and it would be nice if GeeMail was more innovative.

If it’s a very simple Gmail client you’re looking for, it’s okay,because it really does not require any configuration. However, there is an offline contest in the Gmail Lab format that provides full access to Gmail for offline use.

GeeMail is able, but it is very simple and requires more options.
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