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Hamsterball Demo

Hamsterball is crazy early in the game dynamic motion and rolling. The player takes control of a hamster in his favorite toy is a big and seemingly uncontrollable ball. Inspired by retro arcade game Marble Madness try to avoid many obstacles in his pakikipagsapalaransa end of each course is the aim of this crazy game.

Anything to stop you

As you help your furry Another then many courses while in hisHamsterball ditblyk, because he wants to stop you. Tilt your device in the direction you deftly avoid ultimate Dagao bring your way through 360 degree loop the loop. This tasty and colorful and cute sound effects really add to the fun and frantic atmosphere. Each unique course is harder still quite interesting to try. Try to beat your high score is nakakahumalingbagay.

veseloschii furiousact

Hamsterball vanpret ball, to play! With a variety of colorful and bright course full of dangers and obstacles it a fun challenge to navigate through them by simply tilting the device. The dynamics of movement in the direction of the screen is easy to learn and a unique paraancontrol. Fast and furious 3D game with a furry friend!

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