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I, Tonya 2018

Based on incredible events but indeed, yes, TONIA is a dark comedy story about the American headline figure, Tonci Harding, and one of the most amazing scandals in sporting history. Although Harding was the first American woman to finish the triple shaft in the competition, his legacyas defined his connection with the incredible, poorly designed and even worse times on colleagues of the Nancy Kerrigan Olympic competitor. Includes iconic Margot Robbie as Harding Hardi,SebastianStan tested that Jeff Gillooli, his ex-bull, was his performance by Allison Jannei as her mother with acids, LaVona Golden, and an original script by Steven Rogers, Craig Gillespies I, TONIA is an unfortunate, unexpected and shocking portrayal of life and careers Harding in all his glory is not tested and checked. Split 2016 DVDRip.AVC pirate Free Movie Torrent Download


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