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Imagine Picture Viewer

Imagine the public image as a slight alternative to the default image viewer in Windows, which adds some basic editing tools.

Imagine that your photo viewer can navigate photos on your computer without flourishing more graphic rooms. The program also includes a set of tools for performing basic editing tasks, such as resizing, trimming, brightness and contrast adjustment, rotating and rotating.
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Imagine The Photo Viewer also contains some simple effects to retrieve itoriginal You can activate selected black and white images, apply to the shade of a sepia or make it look like an oil painting. And when you finish editing an image, you can share it on Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic and ImageShack in the program.

After saying this, you should think that Imagine a Photo Viewer with some restrictions: it allows you to cancel the last and slow step when editing a large image but it is still better than Windows default desktop, under any circumstance.

Imagine Photo Viewer,It not only has a light viewer for your photos, but also useful options for creating basic tasks to create images.

Imagine the image view to support the next format



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