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Inferno 2016

In Italy, Harvard professor Robert Langdon in the center of the world as a sign of the charge is attracted by the literary masterpieces and the secrets of one of the most enduring Historys: Dantes Inferno. When he woke up in the Italian hospital amnesia months brooks committed teacher speratut will help restore memories. In this backdrop, Langdon with the adversary to be able to combat the cold, the hair of men who had solved the riddle in the realm of klasichniteumetnost, and in the secret places futuristiesewetenskap.

famous symbologistRobert Langdon (Tom Hanks), it follows the footsteps of the medieval poet Dante cluesquae. When he wakes Langdon Italian hospital amnesia months Brooks worked (Felicity Jones), a physician, hopes to recall. At the same time the European class of insanity, before the expiry of (Ben Foster), to a virus that is able to release to the people not destroyed out of the midst of the world.

KogaRobert Langdon awoke with amnesia in Italian hospital hyspan Dr. Sienna Brooks, and at the same time to compete in the global consumer Europafolium in a deadly ambush.Oscar winners, the best-selling to the latest Ron Howard (Da Vinci Code) billion by Robert Brown mercor, hell, the praise of symbologist (played by Tom Hanks), there are many indications, since many found the author of it. And Langdon estevigilet bolnicaso amnesia in Italian, and works it with Sienna Brooks (Felicitas Jones), a teacher of the hysal doth he hope for the help of the memory of repeated. At the same time the man of the middle of Europe and the kind of man was mad Globalin before the expiry of this time, that he not destroy the world of men.

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