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IPhoneBrowser 1.93

Iphone allows you to view files iPhone and iPod under Windows on your computer.

Your mobile device IOS full of space, you can take advantage of how an external hard drive. But it can be a little hard to access if you do not have the right tools. This is where iphone inches

Iphone is Windows based and has got a simple way to drag and drop on the phone. Skype 7.23 Windows XP/7/8/10 Honey Dip free download torrent
Users can choose to back up their theirphone files automatically or manually,And text files and images.

IphoneEs should be displayed on your computer after installation on your iPhone. Like other file managers such as Total Commander or Windows Explorer, iPhoneBrower interface dual interface, with a list of your folders on the left and what you select that moves at the top right corner. The program also has a preview window in the lower right corner. Normally the right mouse button lets you see all options, includingThe partial save as, file backup, file rename and delete files.

The only real disappointment iphone some users can face is when the program does not start after the iPhone is installed. In this case, you need to find the program files iPhoneBrowserv, which can be somewhat annoying when it happens a few times.

Iphone is an easy way to search for files on your iOS device.


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