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Microsoft OneDrive 17

Microsoft onedrive is a desktop client for the Microsoft Online Store, with the same name. This is a slippery tool that provides up to 25 GB free cloud space.

In other words, Microsoft onedrive works like Dropbox. It’s like an online hard disk with which you can synchronize files stored on your computerSo you can access it wherever you are. To be flexible, Microsoft onedrive offers an application for Mac, IOS and Android are complementary. To access files when you’re away from your computer, you can just log in to the live Windows onedrive account, part of more live Windows.

MicrosoftOnedrive very easy to use. When you install it on your computer, you will create a folder with the Microsoft onedrive name of your system. This folder is a shared folder, so you need to put a copy of all the items you want to access here. It comes with several primeramidokument,So easy to deal with the system, but it’s very easy, very easy. Once you put difolder documents, they can be accessed from any computer to sign up with your onedrive profile.

Microsoft onedrive offers a great variety of online storage as well as very goodIntegration with Windows Live. These factors combine to make it a very powerful tool done. No “Configuration” option It should be noted, but if you want to access a computer from your Microsoft onedrive account (from another computer) you need to get a special code. Once you get the code,However, it is easy to do remote sederhanaOperasi

Remember, Microsoft onedrive offers 7GB of default storage. If you are a useronedrive, you are entitled to a free 25GB, you can activate it via your real onedrive Microsoft account. It is very fast and requires tolkoodin click.

In version17 of Microsoft adds selective sync, so you can choose which files you want to synchronize and synchronizeonon all in your folders. This leads to SkyDrive atasUntuk with competitors like Dropbox and Box.

In general, Microsoft onedrive very good use.
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