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Passengers 2016

A spacecraft traveling to a distant planet colony and help thousands of people have a defect in their bedrooms. This allows two passengers 90 years earlier aroused. The spacecraft Starship Avalon, on its journey of 120 years to a distant planet colony known as the “Homestead Colony” and carrying 5259 people, has a failure in two of the cameras of sleep. As a result, two pods open hibernation too early and the two men agreed, Jim Preston (ChrisPratt) and Aurora Dunn (Jennifer Lawrence) is trapped on a spaceship, even 90 years after his destination.

PassengersJim Preston is a mechanic on a journey of 120 years to another galaxy. As a result of a malfunction pod hibernation, wake up too early decades. Wishing a fellow man, he decides to wake up another passenger, Aurora, a year later. He falls for her, but soon come to realize the big mistake of the agreement very soon. Things get complicated when healso has the major failure of the spacecraft deala.

Language: English

: N / A

General release date: December 29, 2016

Genre: Adventure / Science Fiction

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing International

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne

Directed by: Morten Tyldum

Format: 2D

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