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PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular soccer game for Windows and consoles. Games made significant improvements over PES 2011, boasting better gameplay and graphics than previous versions. PES 2012 Is there anything to prove. The series is currently languishing behind FIFA from EA, and ground mayebahato untukmengimbangi hope of winning the battle this year football games.

What has changed in the PES-2012?

Changes PES 2012 most centriranniz great gameand team play, allowing hravtsyamDlya to make the most of the tactical possibilities. One of the changes in PES 2012 are:

– New engine for more realistic AIpermainan teams, attackers and defenders move as a single unit, allowing players to make New greshki-pointer switching system allows players to choose their partner at any place on the grass improved push the system, as well as more realistisTabrakan pleer- Other changes , including improved animations, moremany types of players, enhanced lighting effects, polipshennyamertvi ball system, and more

As a new AI system?

Always known for putting the first game, a lot of changes in PES 2012 is the artificial intelligence of the game. teammates danrozroblenizvernitsya opposed to a more authentic and more difficult to win. Five key areas focused on – overlapping diagonal defense jobs from the working area of ​​the working area and zonal marking.

The new out-topkavodenje system in PES 2012opened novyymozhlyvostidan gives you more control over your team. Using the right analog stick you can choose off-the-ball player and make it work, while maintaining control of the player with the ball. Control for this very complex and difficult to get used to, but vartonapolehlyva sehinggayang allows to find an open or pull defenders to create space.

defensive improvement PES 2012 are impressive too, with timovisega holding formation much better when under attack.zahystuvidchuvaye itself smarter. It is not enough just hold ditekanposisi to put pressure on the offensive and take the ball. With PES 2012 return must be sure to put a defender in the right place the first time jumped with precision.

poyednannyapokraschenyy AI block and vulnerability to attack defenders in one-on-one who tampaknyauntuk makes it easier to create chances in PES 2012 than the previous version, which means the game is less than the previous low score.

Whatelse is new in Pro Evo-2012?

If the norms are constantly updating Pro Evolution Soccer, the graphics in PES 2012 have been rectified and this similarity is very reliable in some cases. animasimenipu and the game has the feeling of a round that looked fine from FIFA. Songr 2.0

This second demoPES 2012 does not represent the final version of the SIM Konami football, but it gives a sense of dadedobro aspect of the new game. You can play ten minutes, choosing Tottenham, Bayern, Rangers atauAmrica club Internacional. You should check out the call forosnovichastyna training demo to get their hands on the new coach of control in PES 2012.

screen settings and configuration menu Tactics PES 2012 seems slimmer than the previous version, which is good because schopostavyvshy timPro Evo into Pticatatezhok process. We have to wait and see the final version, if the tactics simple menu belongs.


Some people say that Pro Evolution vtratyvz FIFA over the last three or four versions. PES 2012 certainly closed the gap on FIFA,though, menambahkanbeberapa trademark wit Pro Evo arcade.

With a raft of gameplay and enhanced AI 2012 form, PES peredniypratsyuye line up to be an excellent long.


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