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Pokemon: Revolution 0

Pokemon: The Revolution is a Windows game you try to catch them all.

Pokémon game and TV show that was founded in Japan in 1996, the popular characters of video and computer games created by the images and stories behindoriginal franchise. Pokemon: The Revolution is one of them.

In Pokemon: Revolution, the user plays a trainer Pokemon. Your goal is to Pokemon berbedabentuk, size and level of danger so your collection can train them to fight.Along the way you will meet other coaches, master Pokémon very good training or even enemy. Also, you can talk to or get advice from an NPC (non lettersplayable) in your game.

Pokemon: Revolution can be fun to play for a while, but the picture is quite simple and easy to maneuver memblokir. Volume Control 1 Sangat character, but there eigenschappenDie outstanding from other games of its kind.

fanstend to be diehard Pokemon: The Revolution wanted to try.


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