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Resident Evil 6


Resident Evil 6-RESTART

Resident Evil 6 (с) Capcom

03/2013: ….. .. PROTECTION …….: a pair

1: ………. DISC (S) .. ……..: action, adventure

Mixing up the action and the horror of survival, Resident Evil 6 promises to be

Dramatic experience of horror 2013. Resident Evil of the elected Leon S Kennedy,

Chris Redfield and Ada Wong associated with the newCharacters, including Jake

Muller, who is regarded as the new narrative of the horror of the eye, a highly virulent virus C

BergerakzerrissenOsteuropäischer is located between the North America, the state of war of Edonia

And China is the city of Lanshiang.

With four different, but intertwined story lines, eachWith his couple

Playing a hero for solo or co-op, both offline and on the Internet, not just

Resident Evil 6 gives you both different points of view and gameplay styles

But will the introduction of an innovative crossover mechanic

Can work together and share the horror. Time pentingBeberapa duringGames, riding

For four players online to join some situations can use

Some stages of the usual partner places to further increase

Depth of gameplay.


No * Horror is limited on a global level is no longer in a certain place

CThe outbreak of the virus all over the world with the action occurs

North America, Eastern Europe and China, the most complete Resident Evil

Match day – The experience of horror four berbedaatau with a power supply


* Solo or co-op game Resident Evil 6 provides one and two players

Co-opGameplay or offlineOr online (but the Ada Wong campaign

Only one player)

* Turning waypoints Using skills to update your character

Fix faster rates, increasing firepower or increasing the amount of health

System of skills of the character

* Mercenaries returning players againWill enjoy high

Populermodus mercenaries

* 7 levels for additional content mode – Previously available

In order to purchase as a DLC for console versions, this additional stage seven

Come alsStandard on the version of PC. The Sims 4
* These levels are activated by activation


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2. Install the game.

3. Copy the contents of the crack in the / Crack directory to the image

Your installation directory for the game.

Fourth game.

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