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Samsung New PC Studio 1

Samsung New PC Studio is the official Nokia phones, which lets you handle your tool for all your data and files in Samsung New PC Studio is a simple izahovvats PC.Paggamit. The browser is the contents of the Phone to connect to, and iyongcomputerphoneeven the PC. One can transfer images, videos to your phone easily out of the music from the computer or the other way around. Just drag and drop in the last destination.Maaari Internet Services can also using online, to publish it in the content of animals, or your YouTube Facebook.Menezher Media SamsungNew PC Studio Media Manager, videos and pictures, and also by the player / not to the help of those who see the work of the do with you, and I began to updates on the phone software and phone iyongkalendaryo Samsung New PC Studiosynchronize contacts, courses, events, stored in Outlook. Samsung New PC Studio to spring forth from the abundance of things, the use of the features of the face and to help them to make kasiyahan.Kung has a cell phone Nokia, Samsung New PC Studio installed on your computer can not be without you.

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  • Samsung New PC Studio 1 Windows XP/7/8/10 installer download

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