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Serious Sam 2

Serious Sam 2 is a first person shooter, and, despite its name, the third game in the series Series Series Sam surprising. In this game, commissioned by intangible Sam makes you travel from one planet to planet fighting alien hordes of enemies. Unlike the previous game, makes this one a little more focus on the story, but do not be fooled – the point is to blast as many samples as possible, use the cannon.

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Serious Sam is a quick shooter 2adalahGameplaypurest form. SPlayer 3 7 download Cut enemies, collect power-ups and sometimes solve puzzles simply commonplace today. While participants can see other environmentally smart and realistic, Serious Sam 2 will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor in creating a bright level, fully open, colorful monsters strange. You can choose from a variety of weapons, ranging from traditional revolvers, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and innovation sepertiSeekoraderyn Minigun strange that carry bombs. A number of methodsmultiplayer and co-op player available, as well as several competitive multiplayer.

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If you want shooters you quickly and (ironically) not too serious, Serious Sam 2 will be able to play for weesJy. This is not a groundbreaking title that his predecessor, and has a few rough spots on their mind, but still good, gory, please.


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