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Tango 1 6

Tango is a chat application, video and voice, you can connect with other people via their mobile phones

free calls to users TangoMirip with WhatsApp and Skype, Tango used to connect to your PC with Android and iPhone. If your friends have Tango on their smartphones with data plans or Wi-Fi, you can call their phone for free, without leaving your computer.

Just as PC version Tango mobileantarmuka version is similar to the mobile version, the default skin of look like an iPhone. If that’s not your preference, you can change the skin in a simple pilihan.Menggunakan Tango. Include your phone number and the number of friends you want to call. From there, you are just one click away from chatting.

Excellent audio and video Video and sound quality in Tango impressive, although it may vary by device and link. Tango is also very easy to use. Allows you to specify how you organize your contacts, you can set up a webcam, skin Tango and change check for updates. Unfortunately, you can beyond that do much more, by adapting.

Perfect for users TangoDengan operations for video and audio chat with smartphone friends from the comfort of your PC, Tango is a welcome addition to communications applications. http://thenewroding.com/the-sims-4-32-bit-torrent-download/


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