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The Birth of a Nation 2016

Nat Turner, a servant and a writer preachers in the antebellum South, -organisation the confusion.
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But the birth of the nation, by nature in the south, antebellum Turner (Nate Parker), the servant and preachers educated man, the master includes financial, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer) will be offered to the preaching of nature, as to subject it is unknown for the servants. Evidence him numerous atrocities – his fellow servants, and – Nat-scheduled start of the war, the hope of his people.

The Baptists, the slave Nat Turner was the preacher who was the Virginia plantation life. When news of the movement in the air, a clergyman, my son, Samuel preach to other staff, to determine, through concepts such as the good report of movement. Nate witnessed horrific as the treatment of his neighbor, he can not stand, and he saw that we were preaching. On August 21, 1831 Turner freedom leads to destruction, and research into historical justice Hampshire resistance.


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