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The House 2017

Father convince his friends to start an illegal casino in the basement after he and his wife had a college fund their daughter. After the city no longer has a scholarship program funds, two elderly people were left with no money to send their daughters to the university. Without a choice, they, along with a friend, began to make an illegal casino in the home to make money in the summer.

Hayden aged or Western abrazkamiz Golden WIPO, but his best performances for decades behindthemselves. MenghabiskanHari he remembered his old glow and smoke too many with former rival agent, Jeremy, until a shocking diagnosis puts cancer priorities. Soon he found interesting and contradictory relationship to Charlotte a stand-up Comedian, and he tried to be with alienated daughter Lyusyami looking for a final role again vmatsavannyaspadchynu.

As Scott and Keith Johansson (Will Ferrell and Emi Poler) college fund loss Alex’s daughter, they are discouragedAsaUntuk it back so that he could realize his dream go to the university. With the help of his neighbor Frank (Dzheyson Mantsukas), they decided to start an illegal casino in his house. The Shack 2017

The lovers of this kind of love, loyalty and family of refreshing and funny, with Debra Winger and Tracy Lets muzhdavno as a married woman, and not take the sides. Both are in the middle of a serious matter and are more committed to their new partners. But at the border officiallyA stop call, antaraMereka of spark suddenly and unexpectedly turn back to bring them into impulsive romance, which makes them move, funny complications of the deception on each of their lovers. A mixture of humor and strong emotions, the story is a unique wedding and honest.


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