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The Rider 2017

After suffering almost deadly head injuries, the young cowboy is looking for a new identity and what it means to be a man in the center of America.

1920 rural Ireland. Anglo-Irish twins Rachel and Edward, sharing a strange existence, ruin family ownership. Every night the property becomeszone of sinister presence (A …

See Full CV 1920, rural Ireland.
The Rider 2017 DVDRip movie torrent download Anglo Irish Twins Rachel and Edward share a strange existence that destroys the property of the cattle Every night, the property becomes an unpaid lawyer (residents) that guarantees compliance with the rules of the three twins: they mustbe in bed until midnight; they can not afford strangers on the threshold; When it comes to escaping, another life is in danger. Anxious veteran of war Sean returns to the neighboring city, he immediately attracts the mysterious Rachel, which, in turn, begins to violaterules set by neighbors. The aftermath of the shot is Rachel in a deadly confrontation with his brothers and a curse that strikes them.


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