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The Walking Dead

The speaker Games Walking Dead episodic point and click adventure game action, remains true to die barrel, giving a new argument.

Dead comic series of the game as you feel, using a drawing telltale decision, based on -sel shaded art style, the game is free in five episodes. Both of these areas certainly contribute to the walking dead you’re playing an interactive comic book feel.

Walking Deadzentratu seleksie.Spelers interview a limited amount of timeMass Effect dialogue system similar to windows to get a few things to make a choice, except for Mass Effect has a time limit. Setting a time limit, players will feel a sense of urgency, and we hope to have more reageeropenlik. Walking Dead, you can display the protagonist, Lee Everett is misunderstood or immoral people.

Also, it helps if a quick time to totentsioa pratsyagugulnya. The Walking Dead is a series where the enemy quickly druk’n button, as well as the order in whichquickly by clicking on the zombies you have to fight to be removed. The Walking Dead is not the shooter, so that some of the guns in the game and even walk to highlight some awkward controls when you play the keyboard Muis.

Walking Dead story in the exciting, large models and voice recordings haraktar.Hots Walking Dead onartzenin the schedule is not the most advanced, in his cell shaded art style brings a comic hero to life with bright colors and hard-hittingborsel. sure groupAny characters you care about. Some of the major villains in the game to do some things that are shocking.

Since there are so many choices to be made by the walking dead, your friends in the same game, which is more than likely to have a history of playing. Some of the stars at the end of each du.Pasarte WalkingMortvaya a replay value, how you report your choice comes kill other players.

Story of a nail-biting climax building, but also to die kort.Sedert characters on your teamcare, to know about the fate of Clementine and Lee you breathless. Some players complained to the end, but I think it’s beautifully done and come up with a game of pradstavlenymiv.

praterSpele directly kill a franchise exciting storyline, it is a parallel comic offer. This game is a great value and is one of the best games of 2012.

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