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Thor: Ragnarok 2017

In Thor Marvel Studios: Ragnarok Thor closed without his powerful hammer on the other side of the universe and is in a race against time to return to Asgard to the Ragnarok, the destruction of their world of origin and the end of Asgardianischen civilization leave the hands of the new global threat, ruthless. But first, a fight of deadly gladiators must be passed against their former allies and companions. Adventure, The Incredible Hulk, beating!

The almighty Thor is in prison in a gladiatic battlemortal against Hulk, his previous ally. Thor needs to fight for survival over time to prevent the almighty Hela from destroying his house and the Asgardian civilization. Thor is closed to the other side of the universe and is in a race in time to return to Asgard to destroy RagnarokHomeworld and at the end of the Asgard civilization with all the new and powerful Ameazapara stop. Hello without mercy

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