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Vinamp was born as a very simple media player and has gradually improved steadily over the years. Its main goal was to be completely customizable, and many years ago contributed a lot to the library, which now has more than 20,000 beads and starting modules.

PanVinamp Version 5 was released, Nullsoft had bought into the public eye after he released much better player, and replaced Vinamp 3. they did not need much encouragement, because they justified the change to version number 4 by sayingIt is a great improvement that it deserves to be a Challenge 5!

Luckily, in their opinion, their justification is because Vinamp offers everything you need in media players. Using the skin, you can set it as the default or original default size, which allows you to control the whole mass media quickly and easily. I like the least possible Vinamp player, which includes a small tape that you can put on the edge of the screen. Yes, of course, if none of thesedisagree with your taste, you can download and try any of the thousands of other people that are available on the Vinamp website.

Winamp is a great supporter of file formats, and because the software is small and simple, it works fast on almost every computer. Look at the accessories available, and you’ll also find that you can connect your iPod and control your music library. Winamp may be forever, but this is not a real full-time player as a real player.It’s a good choice for iTunes.


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