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Yandex Browser

This is a new Chromium browser based on Yandex, searching for a Russian giant. It offers a simple, clean Google Chrome, with some differences.

The likelihood of Chrome is more obvious than the differences. There is one search bar and address combined, and the overall design is the same.

However, when you open a new tab, the scroll panel will appear in the suggested location or visited fwyaf.Gellir means easy. If you enter the search box as well as suggested references, you canalso choose one of four search engines. Along with the search field is also a button that leads to the Yandex language in Russia.

Essentially, it’s quick and easy to use, but there’s no reason to recommend it to Chrome browsers or other browsers unless you use Yandex’s search and email services. If his personality and functions are independent, it can be another serious browser.

As an official product of Yandex, a certain success has been guaranteedRussia should be understood that international internationalization is connected with the Russian interfaces of Yandex.

Built using Chromium, it is a sound browser that looks modern and easy to use.
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Perfect for people using Yandex services.


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