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Zuma Deluxe 1

Zuma is very simple, and I must say that this is a very addictive game. You even someone like me who keep the puzzles fish glued to the computer.

You control a small amphibian species of the world of the ancient Aztecs, which revolves around the axis. The sapo spits balls of different colors that destroy other balls whirling around sapo on the road to the center to gain access to the sacred golden skull. Your task is to make sure that both Zumanaddinistrioy sapo spit balls balls that are setgold skull before you get there.

Zuma is that the balls still three different colors – red, green and yellow. You can spit balls of matching colors, but only one at a time. When three or more balls are arranged in a row, if you hit somebody with the ball a couple of balls of the same color balls disappear and score points. Sometimes you can change the color ball is gong plućklikając right-click on the button-daro left to shoot.

Zuma has two modes – Adventure and challenge, evenit is difficult to say what is the difference between the two. Both methods have the same gameplay, funky tribal soundtrack and great graphics and sound.
IP Camera Viewer 1 torrent download It is addictive After error happens, and how much therapeutic see the balls are gradually impressed. The downside is that it can be a little too easy, ponieważKulki move quite slowly.

Zuma is a great game that vaiadultos apelioi and children. Note that the trial version is limited to 60 minutes.


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