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A Ciambra 2017

In A CIAMBRA, a small Roma community in Calabria, Pio Amato wants to grow fast. At age 14, he drinks, smokes and is one of the few who easily slips between the factions of the region – …

The full summary CIAMBRA, a small Roma community in Calabria, Pio Amato desperately growing rapidly. At age 14, he is drinking, clubis one of the few that can easily go back and forth between the factions regionalization Italians on the ground, African refugees, and his countrymen. Pio goes for his older brother Kozimoyuberalom learning the necessary life skills to the streets of his hometown. if Kazimaznikae,and everything goes contrary to, Pio wants to prove that he is ready to enter into the shoes of his older brother, but soon he could face an impossible decision that will show whether or not he is ready to become a man.

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