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X Mouse Button Control

Modest Mouse can only show a lot more than that and click on it, and the X-Mouse Button Control realizes its potential. With this free tool, you can assign a mouse button to new features. It only assigns new tasks to each one of the buttons, the most immediate context, so that the function software can also be made the same can not be done.

Fussy about the keys

Using the X-Mouse Button Control can be a bit of a fear in the beginning: eat lots of options and stores,Even if you understand it clean and easy, do not allocate it in your process of keeping you in the process. However, what is lack agility, it’s versatility: each one can create more than one profile of its own function. You can even create a series of “new layers” or new commands that provide the mouse for a new set of funktsyymozhna different uses.
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useful for advanced users

The X-Mouse Button Control tool is a powerful touch screen for a single type of functionTo customize the interface for people who want it, or click on its wheel. New users, this may be a bit scary, but now it has a lot to compensate for its magchymastsyamibolsh.


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