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City Racing

City Racing is a free sandbox racing game that is located inside and around the nameless city.
Tango 1.6

You start City Racing with a broken car to be taken to the garage, and be introduced to a mechanic who gives you a little introduction to the game. Like other sandbox razers, you can freely ride in the city and find many opportunities to win to increase your position and earn points to upgrade your car or buy better.

Visually, racing afterThe city is quite strange. The city is quite general, although it is quitelarge. Vehicles look futuristic, but not enough, and pedestrians who walk the streets are pretty outdated. The game is plagued by the evil Wood – you feel if you have a stroller management, and there is no real sense of speed.

The language in the game will be someone bad English love, entertainment, because the whole text is poorly translated. The best thing aboutCity Racing is that it’s free.

FreeSandpit Wedrenspeak sounds good, but City Racing is a disappointing experience.


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