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Fare is the first man horror game, Amnesia’s classic dialectic and seasons are some new choices, tapping the features that give it personality.

Survived the insanity of violence and death, prevailing in the abandoned need for shelter to survive. An acceptable plot,Controls are really good and applied once, a living promisesto of the terrible games ever created. But what is this?

Blood, Guts of the Mountains

Dependent frighten – you get both the lehen.Partida main character, Miles Upshur in your shoes, and the hard one is exactly (that kind of point) for you. This is an ordinary story,But it is very effective screen, especially in very realistic scenes of blood and blood. Do not feed yourself no longer to play for the faint-hearted: rude, cruel and really get under the skin.

Day regimen: Now zhiveamNikogash not make a mistake in any of the horror games. For the first time, spring, scary, unpleasantAnd sad, really terrible game, this kind of makes your hair stand on end and the pulse of the race. But afterthe first stroke, the living slip into a rut. His “fright” prettyfast depleted resources and the task of the game is a bit of variation above, etc., which means that they must overcome the same path eachInalmost also “EteOdi button Activate or lever and repeat.”

The dependent part of the game is very linear aurkitzekonon rarely moved freely the doors open or not enter the hall. Non-linearity has two clear goals: first, to maintain fear. Didn’thave the game that you do or where you go, it does notCan expect some events to turn on control if yourchair thatmake get a jump.

LinearnostaVtoriot conclusion that if you look good in this live you’llsee only a huge mosaic. Each part of the game has a specific purpose, and if they do not horrelaOrduz is unlikely to survive. CrawlOn all fours, or under the cabinets of the hidingin beds, deformedenemies dodging or running their lives, that a bit of intense chase – – and “invisible” to find the key to progress in the game.

Will survive not trying to be (or nerachkata) for the first time for this psychological torture. After you pass thisinitialInjury will survive everything, while only the gut, andmutilation of blood, is more than frightening, from above, the volume is scary.

This is not necessarily bad, in fact, among other things, survive knows when to include these sequences and crying to your mother. But other games Amnesia (well, call the game inGenre), Cades really depends on the fearthroughout of the game, how the environment and the storyline is not as simple as will live “BOO! Do not be afraid! “Moments.

Realistic movement

One of the highlights is the affect ofOutlastkontrolak and the game. Although another like any game of the first person of the game, our movements on the screen are very real:How the body is shaken, allowed us to get our hands thefloor or Kainar, how to run, and look back, all the controls of the transmitrealism, the human movement, Miles and firmly the poor shoes.

The camcorder will be the only instrument in the game. Thanks to the IR mode to see in the dark,But duzuneanerabili batteries are discharged, and level, you must find a replacement. Using live cameras offers tormenting moments, and it’s likely that the battery will kandidirayoubatteries weight games, because you need them the most balanced level, though.

Basic graphic and powerful sound

Feed yourselfUnreal Engine 3 is well used, and overall very good use. Even better, you can press the SCH computer itslimits, but still use bikainaperformance.

Game combineslight effects of shadow and infrared camera (the camera is very real filteris). Blood on the walls, the place of the dead bodies are scattered, the gut -Another beautiful thing that you will see during the trip assome – also deserve attention.

In general, I live some outstanding graphics, they are typical of the Unreal Engine 3, not as there is no physical object fading a little annoying problems (those that look like a curtain wall aarrgh …!)

KogaZvukotStar games when it comes to real horror -Outlast is very strong. Dialogues frighten, otherworldly voices and cries, steps, things are broken, everyone is focused on giving a frightening experience.


Depending on a little scared you a big game, and that while we take advantage ofA moment to toforget. All products are quite remarkable, that etaPartidaToa is linear, however, far from the magnificent design level. The controls and some scenes really stand out.

To feed is the best horror game of all time? In the end, it all dependsFrom who plays and how sensitive they are. But in any case, if you want to give an atry genre for good.

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