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Clean Master for PC 2014

Clean Master version for PC Windows, a popular Android application optimization. It removes unused files from your system and restores hard disk space. The application is very efficient, convenient and has been adapted for all types of polzovateley.Optimizatsiya lâneich PC and keep your computer zdorovymCleanMaster PC to get rid of unnecessary files. The tests are very fast, and when finished, will be a report with a list of all files removable, shtopadelenyya on type: audio / video caching system browser, third-party applications utilfaylyo (allows up to 500), socialgarbage, broken registry keys, and many others.

You can view detailed information about each of these elements and find out which specific files clogging up the options menu you can configure kompyuter.V Clean Masterfel it works, when you open the Windows. You can also enable a notification,that tells you when the junk files exceeds a certain amount (100,300, 500, 800 MB or 1 GB).

And finally, it can clean for PC Master also be integrated with the context basketball menyuiz (with opsiwnglanhau on junk files), so you can immediately start scanning directly to a PC;

Easy to useand the maximum outstanding dizaynClean Interface Master PC with a clear and flexible modern design that enhances the content. It is simple to use and understand, even for beginners.

If the analysis is complete, you will pradstavlenyDva options to remove unwanted files: you canclick Clear Now button to remove all the unnecessary files that are displayed, or you can vruchnuyuudalit certain files, if you have ddiddordebDim, but in some categories.

After cleaning, Clean Master shows a bar graph showing the amount of space recovered from each category.

faultlesslyclean PCClean large software PC Wizard bit for cleaning and maintenance of Windows, correct.

This powerful alternative to CCleaner ynwirioneddol, and although the functions and less developed, it, of course, is much faster and easier to use.

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