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Google Camera 4

Google camera allows photos and videos you take smartphones and tablets Android KitKat with, such as Panorama, Photo Sphere, as the focus of elements, creative picture modes camera Google is updated, stand-alone camera app, which is available in Nexus version of Google Play devices Edition.

All the basic function of the application of state of the camera shot (HDR built, grid and flash function) and a new way of video daukafuntzioa, move aparatuw landscape mode, video Vertical group tend to avoid.

therethree picture modes innovations: Mode Panorama makes images and panoramic views of the “High Definition” mode Photo Sphere images have taken a 360-degree field of vision is also the location is convenient and Focus effect lets you aim is to focus and blur background depth of field bokeh copying was done by reviewed, streamlined quality of your application for the first stand-alone and erabileraargazki, Google completely reorganizacjiużytecznośćkamera. Split and reorganized, now they have all the functions of a solid list, which automaticallyprovides hiding. http://murvetkircabulut.com.tr/index.php/2016/11/20/ip-camera-viewer-1-download-torrent/

shutter button has changed and now the big bands of black (completely useless) in the bottom of the screen.

Instructions are available on-screen to take a photo using advanced methods (Photo Sphere and Focus effect) to help.

Unfortunately, in this report, Google camera does not offer a lot of possibilities. There twarzywykrywanie automatic white balance does not have, scene selection, reversible and do not take photos while you’re recording. There is also a self-timer, burst mode or worknight missing Camera application requests the arrival of Google Nexus or Google Play Edition device that is good news for Android users. Others, however, the camera lacks capacity.

try to keep dasimple, Google Camera, unfortunately, lose some of its appeal. Photo Sphere Focus Effect arrival, aTryby Panorama, however, characterized by kutoshaWao itself justify closing the application.


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