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PowerPoint Viewer 2010

If you have an old machine for the Microsoft Office version, or if you use OpenOffice or Microsoft work, and the lack of the latest version of PowerPoint installed on your computer, users can still view and display open PowerPoint using PowerPoint 2010PowerPoint viewer viewer is a free downloadable application From a simple and free way to view PowerPoint slides

Users can view, print and outdoor performances using this software,Noto is “read only” and impossible to kubadilisha.Hata so, PowerPoint Viewer 2010 allows changes, slides and video clips to act in the same way the latest iteration of PowerPoint. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 to run on Windows operating system since Windows XP Service Pack 3 also operates services to Vista is perfect number 1,2,3, Windows 7 and Windows and Windows 10. More recent memory requirements are relatively moderate, requiring less 256 MB of memory RAM and 270 megabytesHard disk warehouse. On the screen, it takes determination of 1024 788 to operate at optimum levels. Graphics hardware acceleration and DirectX graphics kadizaidi 64 MB video memory. The user’s configuration system is the decisive factor for graphics and user functionality. Users should note however, that some features of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer will be watched, especially in terms of Maonyeshona Right Information Management (IRM) and external sites running Linkovido Total or embedded and interestingThings.

Install the viewer

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 is very easy to load, just one click on kifungoUkurasa download Microsoft and save the file to your hard disk. Setup program can be activated by double clicking to start setup. Once the download is set, one must find “Start” under “All Programs”, the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer boutique. PowerPoint Viewerkje ppt register only .pptm, pot, .pptx, ppsx, .pps extension .ppsm, if no longer version of PowerPoint installedOn your computer. Transaction Launch as a file of this type is double-click the registration machine.


If you’ve ever received an email attachment from a work or school mate having a new format from PowerPoint in your pocket Microsoft Office can help, then this PowerPointGledachot is the best solution for your needs. This saves not passing the latest version of Office attachment only open. If it’s urgent that you want to open PowerPoint, edit it, it can create a versionOpen source from PowerPoint, without loss of resolution or quality. Its reliable and user friendly nature he fanyaPowerPoint profit taking Viewer.

PowerPoint Viewer 2010 supports the following formats


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