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Rapid Typing Tutor 5

Rapid Typing Tutor is a typing program for Windows computers that helps you to learn how to type, any kind of format your keyboard.

Learning how to type can be a great experience for newcomers. Most keyboards are not organized alphabetically, so the format can be complicated for those not used to it seems. Rapid Typing Tutor is there to help. SleutelbordGereelde have QWERTY or somethingless traditional, Fast Typing Tutor keyboard mungkinFormatanda saved and available to use for typing lessons. Teaching also come in a variety other than English.

After you select a language and keyboard settings, time to choose subjects that are most appropriate for your skill level. Songr 2 0 free download torrent Fast Typing Tutor lesom everything from the most basic to more advanced. You can choose the lessons you learn where letters or certain lessons you learnHow to type words takes berbedaSet.

Rapid Typing Tutor Typing is quite easy, since it provides mayakeyboard, complete with a pair of hands to indicate the correct placement of your hands on your keyboard. Then just follow the instructions on the screen. Rapid Typing Tutor will shout at you the wrong force. If this is complicated, there is an option to mute the program. If you have a beautiful screen that is learning to type will, Fast Typing Tutor offersanimasiYang screen step forward every time you get the correct letters.

The only obstacle that can be owned by a user-penggunadengan fast typing tutor that the program devote a lot of space on your screen. There are also freeze sommigetyd between rounds, especially when you have several programs running simultaneously.

If you want to learn to type faster, try Fast Typing Tutor.


MasalahDengan dare to establish some non-English versions of Windows;

symbolScheduling is always shown in their studies;

English courses for experts updated;

Greek language courses for experts updated (symbol penjadualanditambah); Due to the updated language is German, Greek and Russian;

Other repair minor defects;


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